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Q-Implant Marathon

Hands-On Implantology Courses & Dental Implant Training

Learning By Doing

Since 2003, the Q-Implant Marathon has offered hands-on implant training that incorporates a live patient model. Participants spend five days assisting and leading surgeries under the supervision of TCP’s experienced surgical team. The Academy of General Dentistry accredits the Q-Implant Marathon and all participants are eligible to receive 60 continuing education credit hours. The implant direct courses are based on collaboration between the Trinon Collegium Practicum and established universities and clinics in the Dominican Republic, Cambodia and Laos.


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Implant Courses for General Dentists

Guaranteed hands-on placement of 30 implants, assistance with another 30+ implants.
Introduction to basic bone grafting.


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Sinus Lifts Implant Courses

Guaranteed performance of 5 sinus lifts as main surgeon. Assistance with another 5-10 cases. Additional cases such as ridge splitting techniques, and management of dental implant complications.


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Bone Grafting Courses

Participants learn advanced grafting techniques, such as ramus and chin block grafts, ridge augmentation, and titanium mesh reconstruction.