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Healing Abutments for 3.5 Platform


For 3.3mm, 3.5mm, 3.8mm, and 4.2mm QZA-Implants

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Item# Size Price Qty
35HAZ35-3 HAZ Diameter 3.5mm x 3mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ35-5 HAZ Diameter 3.5mm x 5mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ38-3 HAZ Diameter 3.8mm x 3mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ38-5 HAZ Diameter 3.8mm x 5mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ42-3 HAZ Diameter 4.2mm x 3mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ42-5 HAZ Diameter 4.2mm x 5mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ42-7 HAZ Diameter 4.2mm x 7mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ45-3 HAZ Diameter 4.5mm x 3mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ45-5 HAZ Diameter 4.5mm x 5mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ45-7 HAZ Diameter 4.5mm x 7mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ55-3 HAZ Diameter 5.5mm x 3mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ55-5 HAZ Diameter 5.5mm x 5mm Cuff Height $33.00
35HAZ55-7 HAZ Diameter 5.5mm x 7mm Cuff Height $33.00
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For 3.3mm, 3.5mm, 3.8mm, and 4.2mm QZA-Implants